Thursday, November 24, 2016

A New Chapter, Part II

First off, apologies for once again abandoning this blog. I last wrote from Vancouver, back in August. From there, we returned to the U.S., spent a few nights in the San Juans, then made our way to Seattle, where I’m keeping the boat for the winter.

So, what’s new?! Back in the spring, I left the Waggoner Guide and started a new company called with Kevin and Laura.

What is Slowboat? We’re focused on practical boating education, demystifying cruising, and highlighting the cruising lifestyle. We’ve got how-to articles, cruising reports, and more. We’re leading flotillas (back to Alaska this summer!). And we’re working on a series of webinars titled, “Mastering the Inside Passage.” I’m super excited about the project!

What’s happening to this blog? The old posts will remain, and I may occasionally add a new post about non-boat travel. New boat posts, however, will be over on Come join us!