Thursday, November 24, 2011


This leopard enjoyed a snack while we watched.

For a long time now I've been interested in photography. It pairs well with other hobbies, like traveling, boating, and skiing. On my upcoming trip to Alaska, I hope to continue improving my ability as a photographer and capture some of the splendor of the areas I'll be exploring. Below are just a few of the photos from trips I have taken in the last year or so to South Africa and the Galapagos Islands, both spectacular places!

Our campsite on our first night of the Salkantay Trail. This is at about 15,000 feet; the mountains in the background are 20,000 feet. We were the only group on the trail that we saw without a guide and we had a great time.

A land iguana in the Galapagos, one of several we saw.

We watched this hawk eat a dead sea lion for quite a while.

A baby sea lion

A beautiful and rare bird. Unfortunately I can't remember the name.

On our last game drive we followed two cheetahs for several hours. This is one of them.

Closer to home, I enjoyed my second backpacking trip around the Maroon Bells (near Aspen, CO) in the fall. This photo was taken at our campsite at Snowmass Lake with 14,156' Snowmass Peak towering above.

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