Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter Boating

Heading through Deception Pass.  I was driving the boat, Mom took the picture from the Deception Pass Bridge.

I picked up the boat today from EQ Harbor Service.  They did a great job as always installing a kicker, battery charger/basic shore power system, and taking care of a few minor maintenance items.  We headed over to Decatur Island after picking up the boat for some winter crabbing.

Cooper still isn't too sure about the boat.

We soaked three crab traps for about an hour and a half and got four males big enough to keep.  We dropped them for another hour and picked up another keeper.

I'd never seen a crab like this small female.  Apparently this is what a pregnant crab looks like.

I got a chance to try out a new anchor today.  I opted for a 15lb Manson Supreme backed up by 50 feet of 1/4 inch chain and 300 feet of 1/2 inch 8-plait nylon rode.  It all fits in the anchor locker...barely.  Unlike the old 14lb Delta, the new Manson Supreme self launches.  I'll keep the old anchor and rode as a backup.

The 6hp Tohatsu kicker seems like it will work well as an emergency backup.  At half throttle it moved the boat at almost 5 knots in calm conditions.  After the break in is complete, I'll see what the performance is like in rougher conditions and at full throttle.

The weather was surprisingly nice and much warmer than it has been.  The dock lines were frozen when we left in the morning, but it warmed up to the mid 40's and was partly sunny at times.  With the diesel heater running the cabin stayed warm and comfortable.  It was a bit windy throughout the day-about 20 knots at times-but the seas weren't bad.  By the time we got back to Twin Bridges at around 6:00 PM it was totally dark and the wind had died.


  1. HI Sam, the one thing that concerns us about the Inside Passage is our buddy Jake. He travels well, but needs to go to land at least once and sometimes twice a day. Willie and I are concerned about bears. Early morning and late afternoon are prime bear times and the times Jake likes to go to the beach also. Are you bringing Cooper with you?

  2. I'm not planning on taking Cooper or Maggie (our 9 month old golden retriever) with me. The logistics of cruising with a dog are more complicated and the dogs seem happier staying home with family. The bear issue is a concern and I'm not sure what I'll do for bear protection yet.

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