Thursday, July 3, 2008

Stuck in Secret Cove

After several days of relentless heat, the weather has changed considerably. Last night we were awoken around 1:00 AM by heavy rain and thunder. I got up to shut all of the windows and couldn't go back to sleep for a while because of all the noise.

Today we headed to Secret Cove. There was a strong Southeasterly blowing which created large head seas. I'd guess that the bigger waves were about 4 feet...big enough that I was looking sideways at the crests and not down. The boat handled great and despite the conditions there were quite a few other boats out. Just as we were leaving Pender Harbour we passed a 42 Krogen heading in who was getting pushed all around by the following seas and a 28 foot Protector (the same RIB that the New Zealand and Australian Coast Guards use) passed us. This particular boat was the tender to a large sailboat that had anchored in Garden Bay last night. There were several other boats, mostly sailboats, that we saw heading north.

The forecast is for more Southeasterlies, so we aren't sure when we will leave. The conditions aren't dangerous, just uncomfortable, so we will wait it out.

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