Tuesday, July 1, 2008


We are back in Lund now after several days in Desolation Sound. We stayed in Melanie Cove, Roscoe Bay, Toba Wildernest, Melanie Cove, and Teakerne Arm, in that order. My favorite anchorage was Teakerne Arm. We were nestled in just in front of a waterfall with a stern tie to a log and another shore tie off the bow in addition to the anchor.

It has been very hot the last few days and there was a great lake for swimming a short distance from our anchorage.

Before getting to Teakerne Arm yesterday we stopped at Refuge Cove and had lunch at a floating restaurant in the harbor. All they really had were burgers and fried food, but it was interesting to have a restaurant on a barge in the harbor and not ashore.

For the most part Desolation Sound has not been as desolate as its name suggests. There have been lots of other cruising boats around, many from the Seattle area. Sadly pretty much the whole area has been logged and the logging continues in areas. It is not uncommon to see large logbooms progressing slowly through the channels. Aquaculture areas are also common. Basically they are large farms in the water for oysters and other shellfish. Not only are aquaculture sites ugly, they also mandate a no wake speed when passing to avoid messing up the area. For the most part we have been traveling at 5 knots anyway, which is easy on fuel and allows us to see more around us.

Today we stopped for several hours at Savary Island which is just a few nautical miles from Lund. Savary Island is unique because it is one of the only islands in the area with sandy beaches. We walked for a while on the beach and ate lunch at a nice restaurant.

Tomorrow we are bound for Pender Harbour so that dad can go home and Peter can get on. We will then make our way to Squamish so we can see Whistler before heading home.

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  1. Hello, Retriever,
    Sounds like you are having a terrific and interesting trip. Thank you for posting your comments and great photos!