Saturday, June 28, 2008

Desolation Sound

Our first stop in Desolation Sound was Melanie Cove in Prideaux Haven.
All of the cruising guides say it is one of the most spectacular
anchorages around, but clouds obscured most of the mountains while we
were there so we will spend another night there in a few days.

Last night we were in Roscoe Bay. There was a nice hike to the top of
a mountain where we got great views towards Sarah Point, Lund, and
Powell River. After we hiked we jumped in the nearby lake to clean up
and cool off. Roscoe Bay is unique because it has a huge population of
jellyfish that somehow avoid getting swept out of the cove on ebb tides.

This morning we came to the Toba Wildernest Resort which really isn't
much. The have showers, water, and a dock, but that's about it. They
generate all their electricity by a homemade hydro generator which is
interesting. The attached picture is from the dock.

Tomorrow we are heading to Walsh Cove to see some petroglyphs, then
Pendrell Sound the next day for "the warmest saltwater north of
Mexico", and Refuge Cove for ice and supplies the next day. After that
we will anchor in Prideaux Haven for the last night before heading
south to Pender Harbour to meet Peter.

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