Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 59: Sooke to Friday Harbor

I was up early, not so much because I wanted to be, but because the fishing boats rocketing out of Sooke made the anchorage awfully rolly.

The wind had picked up through the night, and conditions didn’t sound great on the Strait. Westerly winds, to nearly 30 knots, had been blowing much of the night. But the forecast called for moderating conditions, and that’s what I noticed on the weather buoys. The wind slackened and the seas dropped below three feet. Good enough.

Crossing the Strait of Juan de Fuca was a bit bumpy, but with the seas coming from behind it wasn’t uncomfortable. I had to dodge a few big ships along the way and was thankful it wasn’t foggy.
Playing with the big boys
This reminds me of Alaska
As I approached the San Juans I called US Customs. They quickly and painlessly cleared me back into the USA. By mid morning I was tied up at the Seattle Yacht Club outstation in Friday Harbor. I took a long shower (no coins!), made a late breakfast, and wandered the docks.

I walked along the docks in the evening and met Jim and Joan from Wild Blue, another C-Dory. They poured me a drink and we chatted about our summers. They live aboard for the summer, working for one of the local whale watching outfits. Cool, eh?

41.4 nm today
1199.2 nm total

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