Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 60: Friday Harbor

I’d planned on heading for Henry Island today, but never made it. While I was eating breakfast an older gentleman walked past and got into a 17’ Whaler behind me. He obviously had some mobility problems: two canes and very small steps. We struck up a conversation and he mentioned that he had a house in Barkley Sound. He also said he had parkinsons and was on his way out to pull some crab pots. I volunteered to go along to help out, since I figured he might have some difficulty pulling his gear.

Unfortunately this was the rainiest day in the last month and a half. I suited up: Xtra Tufs and head-to-toe Goretex. Then we set off at 28-knots into driving rain. We pulled the pots at Shaw Island (no keepers), then headed around to a boat launch to pull the boat out of the water. He’d forgotten a critical piece of the trailer winch at the outstation back in Friday Harbor, so I drove his truck and trailer back, grabbed the part, and returned to the launch ramp.

By the time I got back to the boat all my outer layers were soaked (but I was dry inside!) and it was past lunchtime. So I stayed in Friday Harbor. More wandering town, relaxing on the boat, and even a quick nap.

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