Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 62: Henry Island to Sylvan Cove

Off to Sylvan Cove today, where the dock is for our cabin. I left pretty early, and cruised quickly to Pole Pass before slowing down to displacement speed the rest of the way.

This was one of the roughest sections of the trip, not because of the wind or current but rather the massive wakes from passing boats. One a**hole in a 37’ Tollycraft Big Sky zoomed by just 140 feet away from me…with a couple of guys in a 10 foot aluminum skiff midway between us. Big Sky was going about 16 knots and threw an absolutely massive wake.
Thanks for the wake!
Despite the inconsiderate boaters I made it to Sylvan Cove easily enough. I tied up to the dock, walked around for a couple hours on shore, and returned to the boat. My neighbor was heading out fishing and I joined him. Only one small king salmon, about half in inch too small to keep. Oh well, we weren’t fishing for long.
Evening view from Sylvan Cove
17.4 nm today
1227.2 nm total

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