Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Day 3 | Silva Bay to Pender Harbour

The Strait of Georgia is one of the significant "gates" on the trip to Alaska. It's a big body of water—20 miles wide and 150 miles long. When it's windy, the Strait of Georgia gets rough. Today it was calm.
Silva Bay sunrise\
I woke early enough to see an impressive sunrise. As I listened to the weather report I got excited:

"South wind 6 knots, gusting to 6 knots. Seas 0.1 meter at 14 seconds."

Yep, basically like a lake. A calm lake. Given the favorable conditions and good forecast, we didn't bother with a crack-of-dawn departure. 8:30 was good enough.
Taliesin II, a Coastal Craft 40 on the trip. Believe it or not, this boat is built from welded aluminum.
Stormy, a Grand Banks 46 Europa on the trip. Last time I was on this boat it was in named Invictus and we were in Tofino.
Torpedo test area Whiskey Golf was active, so we had to skirt around the northeast corner, but that only added a mile or two of distance. And with such calm water, a little extra distance was no big deal.
Droning across the Strait of Georgia!
With Kevin running the boat, I flew the drone from the top deck. I'd never launched and retrieved at cruise speed (a blistering 8 knots!), but I managed to avoid dunking the drone. I flew around for about 15 minutes, then retrieved the drone, still while cruising at 8 knots. Even after 72 flights, I still marvel at the technology in this drone, especially given the price point ($400-$500).
The fleet (and a few others) at John Henry's
Sunset over Pender Harbour
We had happy hour on the dock. This group is getting along well...all power boats, trawlerish, eager to learn, happy to be here. 
Happy hour in Pender Harbour
Tomorrow we're off to Desolation Sound. Not much wind in the forecast, but it looks like rain might move in.

34.1 nm today
107.7 nm total

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