Saturday, May 21, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Day 7 | Port Harvey to Pierre's Echo Bay

One week in, and we're still having fun!

Today we meandered through the Broughton Archipelago. From Port Harvey we headed up Chatham Channel, across Knight Inlet, and through Tribune Channel. The weather was even. Six of us jumped in the water at Echo Bay (okay, there is a hot tub nearby).
Howdy and Mana Kai departing Port Harvey

Each turn in Tribune Channel brings new, dramatic views.

The peaks still have snow. More than last year, but less than normal I'm told. Fresh drinking water is scarce up here, and it'll become scarcer as the summer goes on. I've run the watermaker a few times now, and it's pretty darn cool. Preliminary calculations indicate that with 4 hours of engine run time each day (and no genset time), I'll keep the batteries happy and the water tank full.
A decent view, I guess...
Safe Harbour and Mana Kai at Lacy Falls
The big news today is a big change of plans. We'd expected to head to Port McNeill tomorrow for reprovisioning, fueling, and other chores. But the weather isn't cooperating. Tomorrow looks good for rounding Cape Caution, but on Monday, the window of opportunity slams shut. Environment Canada is calling for northwesterlies of 5-15 knots tomorrow, and 20-30 knots on Monday. Tuesday is 15-25, Wednesday 10-20, and no idea what Thursday will bring. Rather than wait, we're pushing forward.

As I write this at 11:19 p.m., West Sea Otter weather buoy (the best metric of what we can expect) is reporting pretty benign conditions: wind WNW 6 knots, gusting to 8 knots, seas 3.6 feet at 8 seconds. Hope it's this calm tomorrow!

No cell service expected tomorrow, and we've got a long day: 81 nm from Echo Bay to Fury Cove. Yep, hope it's calm tomorrow!

40.45 nm today
271.29 nm total

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