Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 32-North Sandy Cove to Bartlett Cove

Today’s run was short, and I wanted to get through Sitakaday Narrows with the ebb current, so I was in no rush to leave North Sandy Cove.  I eventually woke up around 9:00, refreshingly to gray skies but no rain.  I read a bit, made breakfast, did dishes, and then emptied the jerry cans into the fuel tank on the boat.  While I was transferring fuel I noticed a black bear on shore, so I hopped in the kayak and paddled over.  This one was a bit more skittish than the one last night (perhaps it was the same one?), and he headed into the woods soon after seeing me.
Eating, and watching me
Taking a break between bites
I continued paddling around the cove for the next hour or so.  The coastline was fascinating, filled with little coves and lagoons accessible by kayak at high tide only.  No more wildlife unfortunately.

When I was getting out of the kayak I remembered that I had taken a memory card out of my camera yesterday when I was watching the bear.  The camera I was using has two memory cards.  The first one was full and the second nearly empty.  I wanted to take a video of the bear scraping at the rock for food, but for whatever reason the camera refused to record the video because it said the memory card was full.  So I took the first one out and it recorded onto the second.  I don’t know if this issue is a problem with Nikon’s firmware or my settings, but it is frustrating.

It turns out that by the time I got back to the boat I had forgotten that I had taken the memory card out and set it on my lap.  I searched the kayak and cockpit of the boat in vain, but I’m pretty certain that the memory card is now laying on the bottom of North Sandy Cove.  Thankfully I didn’t lose too many pictures and the cards are cheap.

I pulled the anchor around 1:00 pm and headed for Bartlett Cove.  The current pushed me along nicely, sometimes up to 4.5 knots, and the weather improved.  Looking towards the entrance of Glacier Bay the sky was blue and the sun was shining.  Looking back towards the head of the bay, thick clouds hung low.  As a bonus, the wind was nonexistent and the seas were glassy calm.
Perfect day!
Taking a break on the bow rail
Sea otters and sea lions abounded, alternately relaxing and frolicking in the calm waters.  As I approached Bartlett Cove, a small pod of orcas made an appearance, the first orcas I’ve seen this trip.  Sun, calm winds, spectacular scenery, and beautiful wildlife made for an enjoyable trip back to Bartlett Cove.
Nesting birds on South Marble Island
A huge colony of Stellar Sea Lions near South Marble Island
One of many sea otters
One of the orcas
And another
Since the Bartlett Cove dock is for short stays only, I anchored close by and paddled around the bay for a bit.  I went to shore to find an internet connection and schedule a shuttle for Peter and Grandma arriving tomorrow.  On my way back to the boat a gentleman pulled in in a 26’ C-Dory Pro Angler.  He uses the boat for sightseeing and fishing tours.  I asked him about what kind of ice he’ll go through and he said he rarely worries about the hull, just motor damage.  He’s used his boat for 30 years up here without any problems, so I feel better about a few days in the ice.

No other news to report.  The boat is performing well and I’m still having an awesome time.

23.2 nm today and 1,373.2 total

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