Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 55-Petersburg to Ruth Island Cove

What a beautiful day!  I woke up to perfect blue skies and calm winds.  After filling up the water tank, grabbing a few groceries, and buying a bit of gas, I was heading out of Petersburg around 10 AM.

Thomas Bay is only about 15 nm away from Petersburg, but it is a world apart.  Baird Glacier sweeps from the peaks nearly to the bay and a beautiful, sandy beach stands at the entrance, protecting the bay from the sometimes-turbulent waters of Frederick Sound.
Frederick Sound couldn't have been nicer today
More of Frederick Sound
I first anchored just inside the entrance, in a small nook with just enough space for a single small boat.  Some small waves made their way in, making it a bit rolly for an overnight spot, but since I was just rowing to shore and hanging out on the beach, it didn’t matter.  With temperatures in the 70’s and beautiful scenery, I walked barefoot (can’t do that much in Alaska!) along the beach.
Sandy least at low tide
There's still a bit of sand at high tide it looks like
Temporary anchorage
After an hour or so I set off to find a better overnight spot.  The Douglass guide suggested a spot on the south end of Ruth Island, so I headed in that direction.  The east side of Ruth Island is shallow, but no problem for a C-Dory.  On a 4 foot tide I had 7 or 8 feet below me the whole time.

Ruth Island Anchorage was okay.  The views of the mountains from outside the anchorage were better, but there wasn’t any evidence of human activity from inside the anchorage and it was well protected.  A lagoon at the head of the cove was fun to explore by kayak.  The downside of anchorages recommended in the Douglass guide is that every cruiser knows about them, and they are generally more crowded as a result.  Certainly true here; there were three other boats around.

The afternoon was spent lounging in the sun, kayaking, and reading and then an early night to make up for lost sleep in Petersburg.

No real plans for tomorrow.  I’ll wake up and see what I want to do, which is kind of nice for a change!

19.9 nm today and 2,053.3 total

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