Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 57-Cascade Creek Bight to Read Island

The perfect weather was too good to last.  Early this morning I awoke to heavy rain pelting the cabin top.  I got up briefly to close some windows and then went back to sleep.

Originally I had thought about hiking a five-mile trail from the Cascade Creek cabin up to an alpine lake today, but the rain put a damper on those plans.  Instead, I decided to head north to Farragut Bay.

Not much to report on the trip up.  With low clouds and heavy rain, I couldn’t see much most of the time.  I did hear (on the radio) the Coast Guard interrogating boats and then boarding them for unknown reasons.  I doubt they make many friends that way.

Just as I dropped the hook in Farragut Bay (I nestled into a nook on Read Island) the rain and clouds started lifting.  Not to miss out on the nice weather, I paddled around a bit and walked on shore.  The grass was chest high in places and I didn’t want to startle a bear, so I decided that kayaking was probably a better choice.
Great anchorage
Around 6 the rain returned and was steady for the rest of the night.  Thomas Bay definitely seems more interesting than Farragut Bay, but the mountains in Farragut Bay are undoubtedly beautiful!

19.0 nm today and 2,088.4 total

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