Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 33-Bartlett Cove

I planned to come to Bartlett Cove a day early so I could do some of the hikes in the area, but when I woke up to heavy rain and visibility of less than a mile, hiking seemed less appealing.  So instead I had a lazy morning on the boat then headed into the lodge to try and get online.  I need to find a new prop and a place in Sitka to do some maintenance and the internet is helpful in that regard.

When I went in mid morning the lodge’s internet was down.  Oh well.  Back to the boat for lunch and some reading, and then over to the fuel dock to pick up a bit of diesel for the Wallas (heater/stove).  I felt badly calling someone down to the fuel dock for a single gallon of diesel, but I didn’t have any other choice.

Grandma and Peter arrived on an Alaska Airlines flight around 5:00 pm.  When I was walking up to the lodge a black bear was hanging out just below the balcony, but by the time Peter and Grandma arrived, it had gone.  It was great to see Grandma and Peter and catch up.  They were tired after lots of flying and a few time zone changes, so we had an early dinner and night.  Tomorrow we’re taking the Baranof Wind tour boat up to Margerie Glacier.

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