Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blind Bay and The Harmony Islands

After Pender Harbour we headed for Blind Bay. The wind was fairly
strong and we had 2-3 foot following seas, but the boat handled
perfectly. We found it more comfortable to run at 17 knots than 6
knots since it was easier to hold a course and the boat pounded very

There were only two other boats in the cove and one kayaker camped at
the park. We rowed over and talked with him for a while. He has been
out for 17 days so far, but because of poor weather has only had 6
paddling days. He was hoping to make today the 7th and we helped him
move his gear down the beach before we left this morning. In January
he had surgery to repair a couple of herniated disks in his back and
he said he was skiing by March and now on a several month long kayak

The weather was pretty bad all day yesterday, with winds gusting
around 30 and times of rain. Luckily it calmed down by bedtime.

Today we moved on to the Harmony Islands. So far this has been the
best spot yet. Surrounding the boat are 1500 foot tall, very steep
mountains with higher, snow-covered peaks in the distance. There are
no other boats around. All I can hear right now are some birds and the
roar of a distant waterfall. The weather has been perfect today, lots
of sun and not much wind.

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