Saturday, June 14, 2008


We arrived in  Nanaimo at about one o'clock and fueled up.  The boat took 104 liters for a total of $160.  We came through Dodd Narrows just after the max ebb (5.7 knots) but the boat handled fine.  A large sailboat coming through behind us got spun around sideways, but corrected and avoided hitting anything.

Coming into Nanaimo we had the roughest conditions so far.  I'd estimate 3 footers with some slightly larger coming in off the Strait of Georgia.  

We will definitely be waiting for better weather before crossing.  Right now it is mostly sunny and around 65 degrees but there is quite a bit of wind.  Great sailing weather, but not so good for a small powerboat.  

So far everything has gone well.  We have been towing the dinghy which has worked perfectly.  It is much easier to tow than to lift onto the top of the cabin and it has towed fine up to 20 knots and through some nasty waves.  

We are planning on anchoring nearby tonight, and perhaps longer, if the weather does not cooperate.

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