Sunday, June 15, 2008

Still in Nanaimo

We are still in Nanaimo waiting for better weather.  Last night the wind died in the evening and when we walked over to see the Strait it looked calm, so if the same holds for tonight we may go across this evening or early tomorrow morning.

Looking across the Strait of Georgia yesterday evening.

We are anchored off Newcastle Island.  There is a large park ashore with lots of walking to do, so there is plenty of area to explore while we wait.  I am writing this from a cafe in Nanaimo.  We tied the anchor off to the dinghy this morning and came over to the marina for showers and to walk around a bit.

Looking at Nanaimo from the park last night.

Luckily Whiskey Golf is inactive until Friday, so whenever the winds subside we will be able to head straight across.

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