Thursday, June 26, 2008


We arrived in Lund yesterday afternoon to find very crowded docks.  We had the choice of either rafting four deep in the inner docks or tying up directly to the breakwater dock and dinghying ashore.  We chose to tie up to the breakwater.  Lund has been a pleasant surprise.  The town is small but very nice.  Most of the buildings are either new or recently renovated.  There are a couple of restaurants and a great bakery.  It seems very similar to Roche Harbor but without all of the really big yachts.

Last night I turned on the heater to dry out a towel.  Soon after I turned it on, we began to smell burnt kerosene in the cabin and lots of smoke was coming out of the exhaust vent.  The stove shut itself down and indicated an overheat.  I restarted it several times to no avail and was getting frustrated at the prospect of not having a stove or heater for the rest of the trip.  Eventually I noticed that there were air bubbles in the fuel line.  I pushed the fuel intake to the bottom of the tank, primed the stove, and restarted, and it seems to be working fine now.  Let's hope.

Today we will probably head to Prideaux Haven in Desolation Sound.  Right now it is overcast with light rain, hopefully it won't last long.  I have no idea if cell service will be available in Desolation Sound, so this may be the last update for a while, but you can always see where we are on SPOT.

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