Friday, August 15, 2014

Day 61: Barrier Islands to Prince Rupert

I expected to wake to fog this morning (as predicted), but instead found sunny skies. After a quick breakfast I pulled the anchor around 4:30, worked my way out of the Broken Islands, and headed into Dixon Entrance.

Fog in the distance

Winds were light and seas were just a small groundswell. I spotted a humpback tail slapping and slapping the water with its fins. Then the fog rolled in. Until just a few miles from Prince Rupert, I was in dense fog. Because the Craig-Prince Rupert route is much less frequently traveled than the Ketchikan-Prince Rupert route, I hardly saw a radar target until Chatham Sound.
Porpoise and calm water.
A humpback waves goodbye.
The most frustrating thing was the current. The current arrows on the charts showed seemingly illogical, swirling currents. For much of the day my speed was down 5-6 knots, fighting a nasty current. Finally, it backed around, and I saw speeds in the mid-9-knot range for some of the second half of the trip.

I cleared customs by phone as I approached Prince Rupert. Easy. It’s just frustrating that even with Nexus I have to go into Prince Rupert when I’ve already been given a clearance number by phone. Oh well.

84.12 nm today
1992.18 nm total

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