Friday, August 15, 2014

Day 67: Goose Bay to Alert Bay

With a good forecast and observed conditions, I departed Goose Bay before sunrise to round Cape Caution. The only problem was fog, but that meant little wind.

As I exited Rivers Inlet my radar screen filled with targets, Five boats were travelling in close formation, just a quarter mile apart, and a couple others were behind them by about three quarters of a mile. They were traveling a little closer to shore than I like to, so I slowed and passed behind them before turning onto a parallel course. Later I saw they were a group of gill netters.

Ocean conditions were as benign as the weather forecast had indicated—a two or three foot groundswell, no chop. The fog lifted as the swell died out in Queen Charlotte Strait and I headed for Alert Bay.

The docks were all full so I anchored out next to Puffin, one of the boats on the first Waggoner Alaska flotilla.

73.57 nm today
2358.41 nm total

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