Friday, August 15, 2014

Day 64: Ire Inlet to Penn Harbour

I got an early start this morning. With a track already laid down on the GPS, it was easy to get out of Ire Inlet. I headed first to Patterson Inlet to gather information for the Waggoner Guide. It’s a gorgeous anchorage, easy to enter, and with space for as many boats as are likely to be there.

Then off to Surf Inlet. I took to inside of Campania Island, thinking it would be better protected from the ocean swells. It was flat calm, and I saw several humpback whales. Traffic increased on the inside of Campania Island…lots of people out fishing.
Knobby, beautiful Campania Island.
A humpback with Campania Island in the background.
Before entering Surf Inlet I anchored and explored Emily Carr Inlet. For some reason, my Simrad chartplotter was wayyy off in Emily Carr Inlet. It plotted my position about 250 feet from where I actually was. The iPad with Navionics and iNavX was spot on, as was Coastal Explorer and C-Map and CHS charts.
Simrad and iPad don't agree...
Emily Carr Inlet is fantastic. Tons of exploring to do by dinghy or kayak. If only I had more time…
Exploring Emily Carr Inlet by dinghy.
After an all to quick visit to Emily Carr Inlet I headed into Surf Inlet. As I progressed the scenery got more impressive…high mountains and green hillsides all around.
Almost to the head of Surf Inlet.
Abandoned building in Surf Inlet
I’d wanted to anchor in Penn Harbour and take the dinghy to the head of the inlet. This would allow me to go ashore and hike to a nearby lake. Unfortunately afternoon inflow winds of perhaps 20 knots made this impossible. I took the Nordic to the head of the inlet, but couldn’t find a suitable place to drop the anchor, so I headed back to Penn Harbour and anchored for the night. Another delightful, spacious anchorage. I kept a close eye out for Spirit Bears, but never saw one.

75.25 nm today
2138.53 nm total

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