Friday, August 15, 2014

Day 68: Alert Bay

I spent the morning working on Waggoner Guide stuff…updating information on Alert Bay. I took the dinghy to Sointula to get information there, then headed back to the boat for lunch. After lunch I went ashore in Alert Bay to visit U’mista Cultural Centre, a museum housing First Nations artifacts.
People enjoying the beach in front of U'mista Cultural Centre.
As I walked along the waterfront to the museum I saw three rafted fishing boats drifting rapidly towards my boat. At this point I was a half-mile walk from the dinghy, and then another few minutes to the boat, so there wasn’t much I could do. Surely, the fishermen had seen my boat, right?

Nope, they hadn’t. They kept drifting for it. Dan, on Puffin, started honking his horn and yelling. I watched helplessly, camera out to record the events in case the insurance companies needed them. The fishing boats drifted right into Safe Harbour’s starboard bow, seemingly aware of my presence only after impact.
I hustled back to the boat and inspected for damage. The only evidence of the collision I could find was a torn piece of electrical tape on the bow rail (used to mark straight ahead). I talked with Dan and Mary on Puffin, and they said they had more pictures if I needed them.

To the skippers of F/V Cork to Cork, F/V Pacific Baron, and F/V Pacific Endeavor: Pay attention!

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