Friday, August 15, 2014

Day 66: Rock Inlet to Goose Bay

First stop today is Dawsons Landing in Rivers Inlet. Rob and Nola are the owners, and take good care of the place. They have lots of moorage, a fuel dock, and a very well stocked store.
Dozens of dolphins in Fitz Hugh Sound.
Then I headed for Goose Bay, home to Duncanby Landing and Goose Bay Cannery. Duncanby is a high end place…shore power (30 amp) is $45 per night, moorage is $1.75 per foot, and laundry is $20.

Goose Bay Cannery is a fascinating place. Like Butedale, Namu, and others along the coast, it was once a working cannery. As refrigeration became better and the salmon fleet declined, Goose Bay was shuttered. About 10 years ago a group of 29 (mostly firefighters) purchased Goose Bay Cannery to turn it into a vacation spot for their families and friends.
Goose Bay Cannery's Lido Deck
The original men's room at Goose Bay. Toilets flush at high tide only.
Each owner puts in 9 or 10 days of labor a year. By doing this, they’ve significantly improved the place. They’ve got systems for power, water, and waste. The buildings are shored up, structurally sound, and freshly painted. Cabins are in various states of renovation. They’ve even converted part of the old cannery building into an indoor hockey rink.

Visitors are welcome at the dock, but are asked to stay out of the buildings unless they receive permission to enter.

After exploring Goose Bay I was reading on the boat when I heard the unmistakable sound of a whale exhaling. I looked around, and sure enough several orcas were in the cove, just a few hundred feet from where I anchored. They were heading out of the bay. I hopped in the dinghy and followed them out…the first time I’d been whale watching from the dinghy. The perspective is certainly different in a 10 foot boat…
Orca in Goose Bay.
46.22 nm today
2284.84 nm total

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