Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 17-Ketchikan to Thoms Place

I woke up at 4:30, checked the weather, started up the engine and got unplugged and untied from the dock by 4:45.  A heavy misty was falling, limiting visibility to a little over a mile as I headed north in Tongass Narrows.  Soon after departing I passed a 950 foot Carnival cruise liner traveling in the opposite direction…thankfully, this Carnival ship was navigating more safely than its Italian fleet mate, the Costa Concordia.

By 6:00 I was entering Clarence Strait, where I’d be for the next 5 hours or so.  Seas were mild, about 1-2 feet, running on my beam initially and then from astern.  Another cruiser had told me that Meyers Chuck is an interesting village wroth a visit, but I passed it around noon and opted to continue towards an anchorage at the south end of Zimovia Strait called Thoms Place.
The clouds lifted somewhat in Clarence Strait
Soon after passing Meyers Chuck, I made the turn into Ernest Sound.  A whale surfaced about a hundred yards in front of me and I cut the engine and watched it for a few minutes.  No breaching or slapping of the tail, but fun to watch nonetheless.

Another four hours or so through mostly glassy Ernest Sound brought me to Thoms Place, a large, scenic bay that is an unimproved state park.  A crabber was working in the bay when I arrived, but he soon departed.  The sun peaked out and I paddled around in the kayak for a few hours.  No wildlife to speak of, but the scenery was great.
Thoms Place
Thoms Place
60 nm today and 861 total

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