Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 20-Petersburg to Fanshaw Bay

My older brother flew in around 10:30 this morning for a week on the boat from Petersburg to Juneau.  Before he arrived I stocked up on groceries and beer, filled the water tank, and got the boat ready to go so we could depart quickly.

We ended up pulling out of Petersburg at 11:30, bound for Fanshaw Bay.  The cloudy morning had given way to a few sunbreaks and mild temperatures.  The weather forecast called for 15 knot NW winds increasing to 20 knots in the afternoon in Frederick Sound, and I had several bailout anchorages in mind if conditions got too unpleasant.
Mountains from Frederick Sound
Soon after leaving Petersburg we spotted the first iceberg of the trip.  It was pretty large…certainly much larger than anything I’d want to hit!  And it didn’t show up well on radar.  Cruising at night or in dense fog would be tough.
First iceberg!
For the first several hours out we battled a strong current, but it eventually swung around and we got a bit of a boost.  Thankfully, the predicted wind never materialized and we made it to Fanshaw Bay by 7:00 pm.  The relatively clear weather gave me the first real sunset in a long while…nice to see that still happens!

36.3 nm today and 962.9 total

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