Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 4-Echo Bay to Dickson Island

After a relaxed morning at Echo Bay we departed around 9:00 for Sullivan Bay to take on enough fuel to get around Cape Caution.  The weather forecasts showed that Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning might be good times to dash around, and we wanted to be ready if that panned out.
Seals hanging out on a rock in the Broughtons

Sunset from Echo Bay

The trip to Sullivan Bay was uneventful and we saw a pod of porpoises frolicking in the extremely calm seas.  Fun to watch.

Great views!
We pulled in to Sullivan Bay around noon and filled up the jerry cans and fuel tanks on the boat.  Sullivan Bay was the most expensive fuel yet at $1.599 per liter.  Oh well.  After gassing up we headed out to see what the conditions on Queen Charlotte Strait were like, thinking that we might be able to make it to Blunden Harbour.  We quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen though, when we encountered very steep and closely spaced 3 footers with lots of white water on top.  So we turned around and settled in for the night at Dickson Island.

The Broughtons certainly are beautiful
Our anchorage wasn’t in any of the cruising guides but a sailboat was there when we arrived and we found a secure spot to drop the hook in about 50 feet of water.  I took the kayak for a spin around the anchorage and then got the boat ready for an early morning departure for the trip around Cape Caution, weather permitting.
30.1 nm today and 285.4 total


  1. Beautiful pictures Sam! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Spectacular pics! Thanks for letting me tag along. :)