Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 14-Punchbowl Cove to Ketchikan

We awoke to low clouds but no rain, a welcome surprise.  We headed out for Ketchikan around 9:00 in order to take advantage of favorable currents.

One of the  more curious aspects of our fairly remote anchorage was the constant barrage of seaplanes and tourist boats speeding in and out.  Apparently Punchbowl Cove is where the tour companies take cruise ship guests on excursions.  Seaplanes fly in and land, the passengers step out onto the pontoons for a few minutes to take pictures, and they speed back to Ketchikan.  A fleet of large, high speed, aluminum catamarans is used for similar boat-based tours.  And by 9:00, the first of the visitors had already begun arriving.

One of several boats that runs laps between Ketchikan and Misty Fjords
The trip back was slow but easy, and we arrived at the fuel dock in Ketchikan in plenty of time to top of the fuel tanks.  Displacement speed cruising definitely is great for fuel economy…I burned just 17.8 gallons for 98.5 nm...that’s over 5.5 nmpg, which is very good for a boat.

Instead of docking at the town docks I opted to move a mile or so further north to Bar Harbor to be closer to showers, groceries, and the airport and further from the hoards of cruise shippers.  Sam M. leaves tomorrow, and I was hoping to head up to Meyers Chuck, but Clarence Strait looks to be experiencing a gale and I’m in no rush.  I’ll stick around Ketchikan tomorrow and take care of laundry, grocery shopping, etc. and head out Saturday morning, weather permitting.

48.6 nm today and 801 total

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