Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 20-22: Ketchikan

Ketchikan is known for rain and it didn’t disappoint. In its driest month, Ketchikan gets more rain than Seattle gets in its wettest month. Some 150+ inches per year. Soon after arrival the rain arrived, too, and it didn’t really let up the whole time I was in town.

After 19 days of moving every day, the few rest days in Ketchikan were welcome. I caught up on email, laundry, a few boat projects, and grocery shopping.

I also used the days to talk with each of the flotilla participants about their travels onward from Ketchikan. Several are turning right around and heading for home, three are wondering around SE Alaska for at least a few weeks, and one is unsure.

Mark, my employer, and his two sons arrived on Sunday (June 22nd). They’re continuing north and we planned on buddy boating as far as Petersburg. This will give us time to finalize our plans for southbound travel, so we can avoid visiting the same places.

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