Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 34: Ell Cove to Baby Bear Bay

Getting to Sitka requires transiting Sergius Narrows, where currents run briskly. Transit is best done at slack water. Since tomorrow’s slack is mid morning, I wanted to position us close so we wouldn’t have to leave at the crack of dawn. Baby Bear Bay is just about a mile from Sergius Narrows, so it is the logical choice for anchorage.

Chatham Strait was a bit choppy today, but not uncomfortably so. The seas were behind us, and the autopilot worked hard keeping up. As we approached Peril Strait we saw a ton of humpbacks. In the distance we saw lots of breaches and tail slapping. Up close they weren’t terribly active, but we spent at least 45 minutes drifting and watching them.
One of the many whales.
The water calmed down in Peril Strait and we had an uneventful run to Baby Bear Bay. Tomorrow we’ll be back in civilization.

48.11 nm today

1138.7 nm total

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