Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 41: Red Bluff Bay to Pybus Bay

With five people on the boat, I was worried about water consumption over a 8 or 9 day trip. To partially allay these concerns, I decided to top off the water tank in Kake. This would also give us the opportunity to pick up additional groceries.

Chatham Strait was not as calm today as it had been the last couple of days. Wind was blowing about 15 knots from the south, generating enough of a chop to make for a rolly ride. I bumped the engine speed up to 1800 rpm to smooth out the ride and we made it across in good time. As soon as we got into Frederick Sound conditions calmed down and we had a smooth ride into Kake.

After groceries and water in Kake we headed for Pybus Bay. Another boat occupied my preffered anchoring spot, so we anchored in Cannery Cove. It’s a beautiful spot, but today was especially rainy. We didn’t even launch the dinghy.

Tomorrow we’re off to Pack Creek. We’ll anchor there overnight, then watch the bears the following day.

58.76 nm today
1331.83 nm total

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