Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 35: Baby Bear Bay to Sitka

Easy trip down to Sitka today. Approaching Sitka requires transiting Neva Strait and Olga Strait, both narrow. As I approached Whitestone Narrows I noticed the ~240 foot fast ferry Fairweather was approaching from the opposite direction. I slowed down, then stopped, to let him through before me. No reason to try and squeeze both of us in at the same time.
Letting Fairweather through Whitestone Narrows.
Scenery approaching Sitka.
Once in Sitka the chores began…washing the outside of the boat, cleaning the inside. Brendan and Jordan leave tomorrow, then I have a few days alone before Dad, Carrie, Ben, and Emma fly in.

When I arrived I called the Cummins dealer I’d spoken with last week. The guy on the phone had no idea what the status of my alternator order was and said to call back Monday morning. Although the alternator has been working fine since the smoky episode, I want to have a new one installed.

29.32 nm today

1168.02 nm total

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