Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 31: Portage Bay to Red Bluff Bay

Our first stop from Portage Bay was Kake, a small native community on Kupreanof Island. We needed to fill the water tank and pick up a few groceries.

Since we were filling the water tank anyway I decided to take a shower while underway. As I was finishing up my shower I smelled the faint smell of smoke. When I popped out of the head, the acrid smell of burning electrical equipment was stronger. Not good…

I quickly threw some clothes on. All the gauges looked good. I popped the hatch for the engine room. Yep, smoke. No fire, though. With the engine turned off I grabbed my IR temperature gun and popped into the engine room. I immediately suspected the alternator was the culprit. Sure enough, it showed 270 degrees on the case, way higher than normal.

To take load off the alternator I fired up the generator. After allowing the alternator to cool for a bit I turned on the engine and continued towards Kake with no more problems.

I called my mechanic at home. He confirmed that I could disconnect the alternator entirely if it continued to cause problems. If I did that, I’d just run the generator more.

The rest of the trip into Kake was uneventful. Lots of whales, beautiful scenery, etc.
Lots of humpbacks and mountain scenery.
Kake was a surprising stop. Water is only available at the fuel dock. I pulled up and asked if I could fill the tank and the gal working happily obliged. I offered to pay, but she wouldn’t take any money. I asked where the grocery store was. She pointed me in the correct direction and said I could leave the boat at the fuel dock while we shopped.

The grocery store had a little bit of everything: boat supplies, fishing gear, housewares, food, books. Prices were surprisingly reasonable. I’ll be stopping here again…

We didn’t depart Kake until after 5:00 p.m. Thankfully Chatham Strait was glassy calm, and our crossing to Red Bluff Bay was easy. By the time we arrived darkness was near, but the scenery was absolutely stunning. Tomorrow we’ll look for bears.
Perfect evening on Chatham Strait.
68.43 nm today

1059.75 nm total

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