Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 23: Ketchikan to Meyers Chuck

After some last minute grocery shopping I was underway again. It was a bit strange pulling away from the dock so easily…no other boats to send off, no chatter on the VHF.

Clarence Strait can be an ugly body of water, but today it was calm. Not much traffic as I made my way north for Meyers Chuck.

Meyers Chuck is an interesting little village, home to a post office, craft store, and a handful of residents. One of the residents visits each boat in the evening, takes orders for fresh cinnamon rolls, and delivers them to the dock the next morning. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity and wasn’t disappointed.
Plenty of space at the dock.
Trails lead around the settlement and I spent a bit of time wandering through the rainforest. Thankfully, no bears.
The extent of the wildlife I saw at Meyers Chuck.
Rainforest trails
34.2 nm today
792.79 nm total

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