Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 13: Browning Inlet to Pamphlet Cove

Without far to go today, I tried to sleep in. But when the sun rises at 5:30, that’s tough. By 8:00 I was wide-awake. I cooked breakfast and watched some of the Van Isle 360 fleet depart Winter Harbour. Then I pulled the anchor and headed into Winter Harbour to see what updates needed to be included in the 2014 Waggoner.

Not too much has changed in Winter Harbour. They’ve got a reasonably well-stocked store (although the sailing fleet had wiped out their fresh goods), showers, laundry, booze, fuel, etc. Everyone I met was friendly, if a bit tired from entertaining the sailboat fleet! I took a shower, and the timer seemed to be broken so I got to enjoy it a little longer than normal.

By mid morning I headed out to find an anchorage. Pamphlet Cove, on Drake Island, sounded appealing, so that’s where I went. I looked at a few other spots along the way, and the Koskimo Islands looked neat as well, so I may spend a night there later on.

Pamphlet Cove was quite scenic. Quatsino Sound has a lot of logging and fish farming (well, all of B.C. seems to…), but there was little evidence of it in Pamphlet Cove. I kayaked around several lagoons, but other than waterfowl and a few seals I didn’t spot any wildlife. Apparently a trail once led from Pamphlet Cove to the south side of the island. I looked for a trailhead, but couldn’t find it.
Picturesque Pamphlet Cove
I startled these birds when I came around a corner in a lagoon.
Camera settings were all wrong, but I kind of like the blur.
A fish boat came in in the evening, but no other boats. Not many cruising boats in Quatsino Sound right now. I’ve heard it’s the least popular of the five sounds on the west side of Vancouver Island, and I’ll be curious to see how the makeup of boats changes as I head further south.

20.9 nm today
450.4 nm total

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