Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 15: Coal Harbour to Early Bird Cove

Amid heavy rain, I departed Coal Harbour around 9:30. I didn’t have a clear destination in mind, but figured I’d check out several anchorages.

First on the list was Julian Cove. A verdant, grassy meadow backed by a tall, densely forested (and not recently logged) mountain make Julian Cove quite scenic. It’s the prettiest spot I’ve seen in Quatsino Sound so far. Alas, another boat was already in the cove, and I wanted to explore a couple of other spots. I anchored, cooked lunch, then headed off.
Beautiful Julian Cove
Next stop: Smith Cove. Literally a few thousand yards away from Julian Cove, Smith Cove is smaller and a bit less scenic. Unfortunately a big, ugly float somehow used for logging or fishing occupies the prime anchorage. A smaller, unfinished floathome is on one shore. I poked around a bit, then left for Atikins Cove and Early Bird Cove, about a mile away.

Atkins Cove was a really nice spot. Early Bird Cove is accessed through a narrow (12 foot wide according to Douglass) and shallow (two feet at zero tide, according to Douglass) passage beginning in Atkins Cove. It seemed like an ideal place for a little boat like mine, so I went through. On the surface the channel is much wider than 12 feet, but rocks and kelp obstruct much of that width. As for depth, I never saw less than eight and a half feet on the sounder (on a six and a half foot tide). No problem in the C-Dory.
Heading in to Early Bird Cove. Not the kelp on the right.
Looking back through the entrance.
Inside was serene. Small grassy meadows border much of the cove. The only downside was one of the ugly floats, anchored near the entrance. Luckily it wasn’t too noticeable where I anchored.

Heavy rain and some wind came through in the afternoon, but by the evening the sun was shining. I paddled all around the cove, and out to Atkins Cove. The shoreline looked like perfect bearitory, but alas I spotted none.
Lots of birds, but no bears
Tomorrow I’ll go to Port Alice, stock up on perishables and ice, then take the next available weather window around Brooks Peninsula.

11.9 nm today
470.7 nm total

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