Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 9: Echo Bay to Jennis Bay

I wasn’t in any rush to leave Echo Bay. With a good WiFi connection, I was able to get some work done. A few days ago a couple left Pierre’s after spending four nights and buying a bunch of fuel. Total bill: $450. Pierre’s credit card machine was down at the time, so he copied the card information and got a phone number for the couple. Well guess what? Neither the credit card or phone number worked. Using a few skills from a journalism course in college, I tracked down alternative contact info for the couple and passed it on to Pierre. Not sure if he’ll be able to collect, but it’s worth a shot…

I left Pierre’s around lunch time and cruised to Jennis Bay at displacement speed. Overcast skies today, but it didn’t rain too much.

Getting into Jennis Bay requires transiting Stuart Narrows. I wasn’t worried about the current, but the number of logs in the water was truly amazing. For a moment I thought the entire entrance was blocked! Then, in almost the narrowest part, a tug with tow was heading the opposite direction. Not drawing much water, I moved way over and we passed without any issues.
Met this tug and logboom in Stuart Narrows
No other cruising boats were at Jennis Bay when I arrived, but a couple of commercial prawners were. Kim and Kent, the managers, greeted me at the dock. I’d stopped here last year, and they were excited to see me again. They even remembered my name!

Sunset from the dock at Jennis Bay
Jennis Bay Marina
I spent much of the evening drinking beers with the shrimp boat crews. I learned a lot about the business…it certainly sounds like it’s getting tougher and tougher. I don't envy them...

33.5 nm today
326.4 nm total

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