Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 19: Columbia Cove to Scow Bay

I somewhat reluctantly left Columbia Cove mid-morning. This is a great spot, worthy of more exploration. Lots to see.
This baby crab came aboard with the anchor rode.
The trip to the Bunsby’s is short, just 10 miles or so. I cruised on a slow plane and made it in less than an hour. After poking around a few anchorages, I settled into Scow Bay for the night.
This bald eagle greeted me at Scow Bay.
A large lagoon at the head of Scow Bay begged for kayaking. I kayaked around the whole area. While I could have gotten Retriever in at high tide, motoring through the shallow, uncharted lagoon would have been nerve-wracking.

I returned to Retriever, made lunch, and read for much of the afternoon. By 3:00 or so the sun was shining brightly, and I gathered up a camera and GPS and set off for more kayak exploring. This time I headed through Gay Passage, towards the ocean. I’m finding that the ocean side of this coast is intriguing, and totally unlike anywhere else I’ve traveled by boat in the northwest. It’s much more rugged, more threatening, and less forgiving. But on a calm day, the gentle surge of the swell and untouched sandy beaches are magical.

I paddled around for an hour and a half, stopping at beaches along the way and relishing the sun. I actually got hot! If only I’d filled up the sun shower…
Paradise found!
Beautiful, rugged beaches abound
The exploring possibilities are nearly endless...
Eventually I made my way back to the anchorage. The sun wouldn’t set for several more hours. I read, cooked dinner, and read some more. Eventually, when the sun did set, the colors were magnificent.
Sunset from Scow Bay
Tomorrow I’ll be back in “civilization” at Walters Cove. Notably I’m at about the same latitude of Desolation Sound, but it’s way more desolate out here. 

10.8 nm today
545.7 nm total

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