Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 20: Scow Bay to Walters Cove

Yesterday evenings sunny weather didn’t last. I woke up to thick cloud cover, but no rain. After breakfast and getting everything on the boat secure, I pulled anchor and left the Bunsby’s. The trip to Walters Cove was quick and uneventful. Once again, the ocean was calm. Navigation was a bit complex—I was basically threading the needle through countless rocks—but the chart plotters made it easy.
The entrance to Walters Cove
Walters Cove is a neat spot. Kyuquot (Kai-yu-kit), a First Nations community of about 200, is on one side of the bay. Several sport fishing lodges and a hotel are on the other side. A public wharf provides free moorage, and a small store at the top of the wharf has a good selection of food and other goods. The store’s hours are weird, though, so shoppers must be flexible.

I tied up at the public wharf and walked over to the hotel, which generously provides free WiFi for any and all. It’s owned by a Erik Gorbman, a Jewish caterer from Seattle who specializes in Bar/Bat Mitzvahs…an unlilely guy to find up here! His dad was a biology professor at UW and he spent time here growing up. He fell in love with the area and purchased the hotel several years ago. During July and August he provides meals for visitors and the First Nations community. He’s a super nice guy, and even though he doesn’t have much to sell visiting cruisers, he welcomes them all.

The weather forecast looks nasty for the coming days, with southeasterly gales and correspondingly rough seas. I’ll poke around Kyuquot Sound until the weather calms.

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