Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 16: Early Bird Cove to Port Alice

Another day with not much distance to cover. Port Alice, up Neurotses Inlet, is a sawmill town with about 700 people. Apparently they also have a well-stocked grocery store, so I can resupply with fresh produce and ice before heading around Brooks Peninsula.

The public moorage is at the Port Alice Yacht Club. It’s nothing fancy, but it works. Their foreshore lease prohibits them from charging for moorage, so all moorage is by donation. No need to be a member of a reciprocal club (there are none)…this club is open to all, as long as you don’t trailer your boat in.

I got tied up and phoned Lee, the guy in charge of the docks. He came down and gave me a key so I could get in and out of the docks. They’re not used to seeing small boats that come in by water. Most of the boats my size trailer in.

Right next to the club the city is installing new public floats. These new floats will be in by mid-summer and will serve visiting boats in the future. The yacht club is greatly relieved about this, since they don’t have enough space during peak months.

Once I got settled in, I wandered around the town. It’s not big, but has a few restaurants, a great grocery store, post office, liquor store, hotel, and a few other small businesses. People were universally friendly. I don’t know if they all said hello because they didn’t recognize me or because they’re just that friendly.

The library has WiFi, so I camped out there for a bit to get a few blogs posted and do some other internet work. The WiFi wasn’t fast, but it was free.

I’ve been watching the weather for rounding Brooks Peninsula, and here’s the forecast:

Today Tonight and Thursday
Wind northwest 10 to 15 knots except northwest 20 to 25 south of the Brooks Peninsula this evening. Wind becoming northwest 20 to 25 after midnight then diminishing to northwest 10 to 15 Thursday evening.
Wind northwest 10 to 15 knots diminishing to light late in the day.
Wind southeast 15 knots increasing to southeast 25 to 35.
Wind southeast 25 to 35 knots diminishing to south 15 to 25.

Looks like Friday is the day. The weekend looks like it’ll get a bit sporty!

7.0 nm today
477.7 nm total

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