Friday, June 6, 2014

Day 1: Anacortes to Ganges

Finally underway! Everyone was up early for our first day. Last night four of the participants gathered at Cap Sante Marina. We all had slips together and enjoyed an informal potluck/happy hour on the dock.

We agreed on an 8:00 a.m. departure. This would put us into Bedwell Harbour around noon (to clear customs) and into Ganges a few hours after that.

Right off the bat one of the boats overheated. Opening the seacock solved the problem and they quickly caught up with the rest of the group.

Our trip through the San Juan Islands was delightful. Wind was calm, sun was shining, and all boats were running well. We all ran within a half-mile of each other at about 8 knots.
Cascadia, a Ranger Tug 29, is one of the boats on the flotilla.

Couldn't ask for better weather for day 1

Billywig, an Elling 48, is another flotilla participant.

I called Canadian Customs from Thatcher Pass to clear using my Nexus card. The agent asked a few questions and gave me a clearance number. One other boat had Nexus, but the rest of the boats had to pull into Bedwell and phone in from there. No agent was at the dock, though, and everyone made it through without trouble.

The two-hour run from Bedwell Harbour to Ganges was uneventful. When we arrived the other two boats in our fleet were already there. We all met the owners and had a low key afternoon. Almost everyone went for an excellent dinner at Harbour House restaurant.

45.05 nm today

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