Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 11: Codville Lagoon to Ocean Falls

Our itinerary originally had us spending two days in Port McNeill and then traveling directly from Codville Lagoon to Shearwater. But since we only spent one night in Port McNeill, we have an extra day on the north coast. So I happily made the decision to visit Ocean Falls.

Approaching Ocean Falls 
Ocean Falls is a ghost town. It was originally built in the early 1900s as a pulp mill and was abandoned in 1980. Its most notable feature is probably the massive dam holding back Link Lake. The hydroelectric turbines continue to operate, providing Shearwater and Klemtu with power (or hydro in Canadian speak).

What's left of the grocery store.
Walking towards the dam
Abandoned apartment building 
The dam holds back Link Lake. It still generates electricity.
The town from the dock
Today only about 25 residents remain. Walking through town is eerie…there’s the courthouse, grocery store, hotel, and homes, nearly all abandoned. None of the buildings are particularly notable architecturally. In fact, the whole place seems vaguely Soviet. The few remaining residents try to stave off nature, but the elements clearly are winning. Ocean Falls is rapidly being reclaimed.

21.85 nm today

442.71 nm total

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