Friday, June 6, 2014

Day 3: Nanaimo to Pender Harbour

Typical summer weather patterns, especially during periods of sunny weather, call for relatively calm mornings with a building breeze throughout the day. Today we’re crossing the Strait of Georgia, the first of our big(ger) water crossings, and we wanted decent weather.

Environment Canada called for 20-25 knot NW winds decreasing to 15-20 knots near noon. Not typical, and not ideal.

Area Whiskey Golf, a torpedo test range, was scheduled to start operations at 7:00 a.m. We’d have to be clear of the area (12 nm from Nanaimo on the most direct course) by that time. So a 5:15 departure made sense.

When we awoke the wind was still rather strong. Three of the boats, a 58’ Ocean Alexander, 48’ Elling, and 28’ Cutwater opted to leave early. Their reports were ominous, particularly from the bigger boats. Water over the flybridge, they said.

The rest of us departed about 90 minutes later. We skirted along the Winchelsea Islands, avoiding now-active Whiskey Golf. Conditions were actually quite moderate, maybe 15 knots of wind and a two-foot chop. Safe Harbour shouldered the seas aside comfortably.
Decent weather in the Strait of Georgia
The smallest boat in our group is a C-Dory 22 named Gypsy River. It did just fine on the crossing.

Once we turned north the seas were on the beam, and we did a bit of rolling. Not too bad, though…I hopped in the shower and shaved and later Kevin took a nap. Yeah, the bigger boat has advantages…
Kevin got some work done underway
We got into Pender Harbour uneventfully and tied up at the Garden Bay Pub. I shuttled several people over to Madeira Park in the dinghy, first for groceries and then for dinghy repair. One of the boats had an outboard problem. They’d had mechanics in Friday Harbor and Nanaimo look at the engine, charge them money, but not fix it. The engine ran fine at high speed but not low speed. I suspected the low speed carbeurator jets were clogged. The mechanics at Madeira Marina agreed and planned to rebuild the carbeurator by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.

Tomorrow looks windy again, and we’ve got 40 nm to run straight into the weather. We’ll wake up and see…

34.51 nm today

112.45 nm total

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