Friday, June 13, 2014

Day 8: Echo Bay to Port McNeill

Today is our last day in “civilization.” If the forecast holds, we’ll be making the northbound run around Cape Caution tomorrow. After that, services, marinas, and other boaters become far fewer.
An easy day on Queen Charlotte Strait
Today’s trip across Queen Charlotte Strait was as easy as possible. We had the first rain of the trip, but it didn’t seem to bother anyone. Kevin rode along with Anne on Cascadia (Ranger Tug 29) and Ron and Greg on The Sharon Lee (Cutwater 28) to help them learn about radar, so I was on the boat alone all day.

In Port McNeill we loaded up with food (again), water, and dinghy gas. I’ve burned less than ¼ of the diesel I carry. Based on my predictions I should easily make Ketchikan on a single tank. Not worrying about fuel and not having to buy it at every stop is a huge advantage of the Nordic over the C-Dory.

I also changed the main engine oil and filter. Working on the inboard is much easier than the outboard, but each oil change requires about 4 gallons of oil. The generator will be due right around Shearwater.

25.99 nm today
314.64 nm total

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