Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 12: Ocean Falls to Shearwater

Shearwater is the hub of commerce between Port Hardy and Prince Rupert. They supply many of the communities with fuel and building materials. And they have the only boatyard on this long section of coast.

Lady in Waiting had arrived in Shearwater the a couple days before to get their dinghy davit repaired. We arrived to find the repair complete, apparently quickly and very reasonably.

I arrived before most of the boats in Shearwater and quickly got to work changing the generator oil. Easy, but a bit messy.

Getting from Ocean Falls to Shearwater means transiting narrow, winding Gunboat Passage. No problem with good charts, but one of the boats suddenly found themselves without any charts.

The owner had asked Philbrooks Boatyard to install charts of the whole Inside Passage on both his Nobeltec and NavNet systems.  Philbrooks had charged him for the work and indicated it was complete. But the charts weren’t installed. They’d somehow not included one of the chips needed for the NavNet system. And, upon questioning by phone, admitted they’d not installed charts on Nobeltec because they couldn’t get the computer DVD drive working. They did not, however, offer a solution to our problem of no charts.

So we called Nobeltec and asked what charts we needed. They happily sold us the appropriate C-Map unlock codes for $500. With the unlock code we could install the charts from DVDs that we had. Except the DVD drive didn’t work. I grabbed my boat laptop (Windows) and transferred the contents of the DVDs to a thumb drive, then transferred them from the thumb drive to the other computer. After several hours we had all the charts installed and functioning. For the record, Nobeltec has got to be one of the most frustrating pieces of software to operate. Rose Point Coastal Explorer seems every bit as capable and a whole lot more user friendly.

Moonrise in Shearwater

22.25 nm today

464.96 nm total

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