Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 13: Shearwater to Rescue Bay

Today we leave civilization once again. Our route takes us out Seaforth Channel and then through Reid Passage. In a SW wind Seaforth Channel can get rough. Luckily, the wind has been blowing from the NW.

We got a late start (intentionally) and had an easy trip out Seaforth Channel. A bit of swell as we neared the mouth, but nothing uncomfortable. We passed two Canadian Coast Guard cutters today…certainly a safe feeling!

The Gordon Reid and Tanu
We all got settled into Rescue Bay by late afternoon. When anchoring Anne on Cascadia reported a jammed windlass. I visited the boat by dinghy and started working on untangling the rode, only to find out that the windlass was coming right out of the deck. The installers at Ranger Tugs evidently forgot to use any Loctite or lock washers and the nuts were backing off the bolts. Not good on such a new boat…

33.35 nm today

498.31 nm total

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