Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 16: Bishop Bay to Lowe Inlet

Ursula Channel is one of the most stunning sections of coastline along the Inside Passage and this morning did not disappoint. A few clouds clung to the peaks, but blue skies and sunshine ruled the day.

Stunning Ursula Channel
No bad views out here

We did have a bit of drama this morning. Gypsy River, the C-Dory 22, reported a hydraulic fluid leak at the helm. John topped off the reservoir but was worried he might lose the steering altogether. He asked that I take Babette, his girlfriend, on my boat.

I’m neither licensed nor insured to carry passengers for hire, but given the circumstances I somewhat reluctantly agreed.

I took the dinghy back to my boat and got things ready to go: engine room checks, stowing gear, a quick breakfast. Meanwhile Kevin took the dinghy over to the dock to pick up Babette. They returned with about five suitcases of clothing and gear. I thought I was giving her a ride for a day; she evidently thought she was moving aboard! I quickly made it clear that I’d take her to Prince Rupert but no further. I was happy to help her arrange transport from Prince Rupert (the nearest place possible, really), but I couldn’t carry her across the border to Alaska.

The trip to Lowe Inlet was mostly uneventful. Because I run the boat slowly most of the time, I try to run it to wide open throttle for 5 or 10 minutes each day. This is apparently good for the engine, and it also is a way to regularly “stress test” the drivetrain. Today when I throttled up I noticed a weird vibration and the engine wouldn’t turn all the way to its usual 2800 RPM. I stopped, gave the throttle a jolt of reverse, then ran back to WOT. Perfect. I suspect a piece of kelp or line was wrapped around the prop.

Boats anchored in Lowe Inlet 
Happy hour on Safe Harbour
Unfortunately the salmon aren’t running yet, so there were no bears fishing at the waterfall. Still a beautiful spot.

44.01 nm today

612.83 nm total

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