Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 17: Lowe Inlet to Prince Rupert

The trip from Lowe Inlet to Prince Rupert is mostly through Grenville Channel, which is long and normally boring.

Given our timing we had to fight the current for the first 14 miles or so. And oh what a current. We had 4 knots against us at times, making for a long morning.

I read for awhile, took a nap, took a shower…it’s sure nice having a Kevin aboard to watch the boat while I do other things.

Chatham Sound was flat, and we got into Prince Rupert mid afternoon. I ran into two couples I’d met two summers ago in Meyer’s Chuck. They keep their boats in Prince Rupert and are getting ready to head south for the summer.

Tomorrow looks good for crossing Dixon Entrance. Wind variable 5-15 knots…hope it holds!

58.47 nm today

671.3 nm total

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