Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Day 50 | Tracy Arm Cove to Ford's Terror

Yesterday's rain gave way to better conditions today. You know, conditions where we can actually see. Good thing, too, since we're heading back to Ford's Terror.

The trip in was easy, with very little ice and not much boat traffic. We arrived about 45 minutes early, so I flew the drone to get some pictures at high water.
Safe Harbour waiting in front of the waterfall
Ford's Terror entrance at high water. Where are the shoals?
Ford's Terror delighted again. The weather wasn't quite as sunny and warm as it had been last week, but we still saw lots of blue sky. We toured the entire inlet by dinghy, marveling at the waterfalls and snowfields. A group of porpoises came by the boat and circled for 15 minutes.
This view doesn't get old.
iPhone panorama from the islet in the east arm
Unfortunately we didn't see any bears. Oh well, hopefully tomorrow morning before we take off...
Last light on the peaks

25.73 nm today
1374.94 nm total

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