Saturday, July 16, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Day 58 | Ford’s Terror to Taku Harbor

We exited Ford’s Terror about 6:00 a.m., half an hour after high water in Juneau. The current was still flooding in at a couple of knots but it was easily negotiated.
Departing Ford's Terror for the last time this season
The trip out Endicott Arm was easy. We didn’t see much wildlife—just a few bald eagles—but the water was calm and the traffic light.
Bald eagle on ice

Taku Harbor was our destination for the night. Soon after we arrived several sailboats pulled up to the dock, then more powerboats. By evening the docks were nearing capacity.

We explored the cannery ruins a bit and had happy hour on the dock until the no-see-ums chased us indoors. I briefly hovered the drone over our heads...the breeze from the rotors kept the bugs away, but the noise was annoying!
Peter, mom, and me at Taku Harbor
Drone selfie!
Aerial of the old cannery
46.17 nm today

1617.89 nm total

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